8 Great Interview Questions to Help You Find the Right Candidate

As the economy expands and the competition for quality salespeople becomes intense, it’s important to realise that you have to use different tools to screen for the right candidates. Pegaz recommends these interview questions as a jumping-off point to help you discover the right people to join your company.

1) Have you set yourself goals that you want to accomplish and if so, tell me about them? Here, you are looking for indications of maturity, focus, planning ability, and a desire for achievement.

2) How did you earn your first paycheck? How old were you, and what did you do with the money? With this question, you are probing to check their work ethic.

3) What are the top three leadership traits that you look for in a manager? With this question, you are attempting to gauge their expectations and ascertain their preferred management style. Does it fit with the company’s ethos?

4) Have you ever failed at something and if so, why do you think you failed? What did you learn from the experience? This question lends itself to a discussion on resilience, personal responsibility and tendencies under pressure. It’s a red flag if they believe they’ve succeeded at everything they’ve ever done!


5) Everyone has strengths and weaknesses as employees. What are your strongest points for this position? This question gives them the opportunity to tell you what assets they bring to the table and how they see themselves fitting into your organisation.

6) What is the one thing you would like to improve about yourself? This question gives you an indication of his or her capabilities for self-assessment.

7) Other than family members, who has been the greatest influence in your life and why? This will show you what makes them tick, what their passions are, and how they view leadership.

8) If you were to fail in this business, what do you think the reason would be? This will pinpoint any worries they might have about the job. How would they deal with things if they went wrong?

Use these questions as a guide – you can add to them however you like. by having a set list of questions, it helps you move through the interview process efficiently and effectively, covering all the bases you need to. Based on the candidates’ answers to these and other questions you may provide, you’ll have a good idea if you’re ready to take the next step with this person.

Good luck!

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