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Leading Healthcare Company wanted to improve its screening process for recruiting high quality healthcare support representatives within its UK medical information officers team. To increase its competitive advantage, they wanted to significantly improve customer service. A set of competencies and supporting behaviors was developed and measured using a number of assessments, including the Medical Terminolodgy Assessment.



Medical Terminology Assessment



The Medical Terminology test measures knowledge of common medical terms, prefixes, and suffixes being used today. Designed for all health care professionals, this test covers the following topics: Circulatory System, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Hepatobiliary System, Integumentary System, Male and Female Reproductive System, Musculoskeletal System, Nervous System, Psychiatry/Other, Renal/Urinary System, Respiratory System. This test will verify an individual’s knowledge of the concepts and subjects tested. The results of this test do not imply that the individual possess the necessary skills to perform a specific procedure, nor treatment, nor is licensed, nor authorized, to practice any health care profession under any applicable laws.


Job Levels:

Entry-Level, Professional Individual Contributor, Mid-Professional


Assesment Languages:

English (USA)


Assesment Length:

Approximate Completion Time in minutes = 25


Key benefit results

The company has seen improved customer issue resolution and productivity, with a tangible shift in the culture of the business.

“Using the solution has much improved candidate quality and, by screening out up to 30% of applicants before interview, really helps our productivity.”

Leading Healthcare Company

Source: CEB Global


  • Measures knowledge of common medical terms, prefixes, and suffixes being used today
  • Designed for all health care professionals
  • Delivered online as a managed service
  • 11
    Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies measured
  • Average Testing TIme:


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