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Your sales force is your most critical investment. Your team must possess the competencies to convert prospects into customers and build lasting, profitable business relationships. Our Sales Suite will help you identify candidates and retain top sales performers who can win valuable long-term customers.



Leading IT company wanted to recruit candidates who possess personal characteristics such as goal orientation, persistence, dominance, drive, and energy. Showing confidence even after a hard refusal/rejection; and striving to close a transaction every time.This suggests the likelihood of success in a sales environment.



Account Manager



The Account Manager solution is an assessment used for job candidates applying to mid-level leadership positions that tend to manage the day-to-day operations and activities of client accounts. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Account Executive, Account Manager, and Senior Account Manager. Sample tasks for these jobs include, but are not limited to: communicating with clients about project status, developing and maintaining project plans, coordinating internally with appropriate project personnel, and ensuring client expectations are being met.


Job Levels:



Assesment Languages:



Assesment Length:

Approximate Completion Time in minutes = 49


Key benefit results

Using Account Manager Solution , the company found that new hires have the strong skills they need to deliver value from the start. They were more likely to to be influential, confident and show persistent enthusiasm when interacting with customers. Sales associates selected for their assesments scores averaged 19% more in monthly sale.

“This has been a fantastic project! We have experienced reduced staff turnover rates and an overall increase in sales from new recruits.”

Leading IT Company

Source: CEB Global

Assesment Features:

  • Delivered online as a managed service
  • User-Friendly, Business Relevant Reporting
  • Use clear, concise language with easy-to-understand graphical summaries
  • Designed for Unproctored Environment
  • Measures different competencies

    Sales Drive, Persistence, Sales Potential, Professional Potential, Customer Focus, Confidence and Independence.
  • Average Testing TIme:


Account manager: One sitting

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