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Managers make critical daily decisions that have a direct impact on all levels of an organization. Which managers can prioritize with minimal guidance? Do they generate visionary ideas, and establish and communicate clear goals? Apply our assessments to ensure that you hire and advance individuals who possess essential leadership qualities, working styles, and interpersonal skills to manage and motivate staff and achieve your business objectives.



An online retailer business.

The resignation of their Contact Centre Team Leader created an opportunity to recruit a more senior level replacement. A set of competencies and supporting behaviors was developed and measured using a number of assessments, including the Contact Centre Manager Solution.



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The Contact Center – Manager solution is for mid to upper-level contact center managerial positions. Sample tasks for these jobs include, but are not limited to: supervising and coordinating the activities of subordinates; interacting day-to-day with subordinates; and training employees. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Contact Center Team Leader, First Line Supervisor, and Contact Center Manager. There are multiple configurations and versions of this solution available.


Job Levels:

Manager, Front Line Manager, Supervisor


Assesment Languages:



Assesment Length:

Approximate Completion Time in minutes = 50


Key benefit results

The position was offered, accepted and the candidate is successfully on board. The company found that new hire has the tendency to set and accomplish challenging goals, while persisting in the face of significant obstacles and  to work effectively despite changes in coworkers, settings, and environment. The business has seen better performance management and optimised contact centre effectiveness.

“Using the solution has much improved candidate quality and overall increase in productivity from new recruits.”

An online retailer business

Source: CEB Global

Assesment Features

  • Delivered online as a managed service
  • User-Friendly, Business Relevant Reporting
  • Use clear, concise language with easy-to-understand graphical summaries
  • Designed for Unproctored Environment
  • Measures different competencies

    Typing Skills, Achievement Orientation, Conscientiousness, Professional Potential, Customer Focus.
  • Average Testing TIme:


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