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An online ticketing company

Managers make critical daily decisions that have a direct impact on all levels of an organization. Which managers can prioritize with minimal guidance? Do they generate visionary ideas, and establish and communicate clear goals? Apply our assessments to ensure that you hire and advance individuals who possess essential leadership qualities, working styles, and interpersonal skills to manage and motivate staff and achieve your business objectives.



An online ticketing business.

Business Challenges Summary Need for: Assertiveness, Leadership Professionalism, Confidence, Independence and Deductive Reasoning. They were looking for an individual who will perform well when working with reports, correspondence, instructions, and research information. A set of competencies and supporting behaviors was developed and measured using a number of assessments, including the Event Sales Manager Solution.



Event Sales Manager



The Event Sales Manager solution is designed for management level positions in the hospitality industry. Sample tasks include selling use of facility space for special events and managing staff. The solution is focused on sales, solving problems and making good decisions. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Event Sales Manager, Events Manager and Special Events Manager. Multiple configurations of this solution are available.


Job Levels:

Manager, Front Line Manager, Supervisor


Assesment Languages:



Assesment Length:

Approximate Completion Time in minutes = 50


Key benefit results

The business found that new hire has the tendency to possess personal characteristics such as goal orientation, persistence, dominance, drive, and energy. They found that high scoring participants were more enjoying the challenge of influencing others and  persuading prospective customers to commit to a purchase.

“Using assessment has helped us by far more objective in looking at individual’s potential, rather that past performance or ‘intuitive’ feel at interview.”

An online ticketing company

Source: CEB Global

Assesment Features:

  • Delivered online as a managed service
  • User-Friendly, Business Relevant Reporting
  • Use clear, concise language with easy-to-understand graphical summaries
  • Designed for Unproctored Environment
  • Measures different competencies

    Deductive Reasoning, Results Orientation, Assertiveness, Leadership Professionalism, Management Potential, Achievement, Confidence, Independence, Influence.
  • Maximum Number of Questions

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