Human Resources Manager –
A start up green energy company

Screening out poor performers early in the recruitment process improves time to hire and frees up HR resources. Better hiring decisions also redices costly staff turnover.



A start up green energy company wanted to recruit quickly their Human Resources Manager who will be productive from day one to manage their fast growing team. They were looking for candidates with a leadership skills, adaptive to a fast changing environment and able to make fast strategic decisions.  A set of competencies and supporting behaviors was developed and measured using a number of assessments, including Human Resources Concept.



Human Resources



The Human Resources Concepts test measures knowledge of the core areas of Human Resources. Designed for human resource professionals and experienced managers, this test covers the following topics: Benefits, Compensation, Job Analysis, Labor Relations, Managing Employees, Occupational Safety and Health, Recruiting, Strategic HR, and Training and Development.


Job Levels:

Manager, Front Line Manager


Assesment Languages:



Assesment Length:

Approximate Completion Time in minutes = 22


Key benefit results

Filtering through the assessment results, the company was able to identify the type of individual from a technical and cultural perspective that would suit the organisation. They managed to find someone who could successfully lead and manage the global HR function during a time of critical business grow.

“The tight time scales made this a challenging project, but expectations were managed at both ends and this led to a successful process and placement.”

A start up green energy company

Source: CEB Global

Assesment Features

  • Delivered online as a managed service
  • User-Friendly, Business Relevant Reporting
  • Use clear, concise language with easy-to-understand graphical summaries
  • Designed for Unproctored Environment
  • Measures different competencies

    Typing Skills, Achievement Orientation, Conscientiousness, Professional Potential, Customer Focus.
  • Average Testing TIme:


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