Language Testing

Whether you parlez vous Francais or non, our language testing tools will confirm your candidates do! We offer a full range of language assessments and can tailor to particular roles. As a multilingual team, we always have flawless, business-level fluency in the front of our minds.

About Our Tests

Ideal Fit

Language testing is a major complement to our skills assessment services, so you find a perfect new team member 100% of the time.

Any Language

Whether you’re looking for perfect German, fluent Japanese, native Russian, or a multilingual master, we can test their credentials.

Always Included

As language skills are crucial to our clients and their open roles, we offer testing across all of our pricing plans.


  • Specify key areas of language proficiency your role requires.
  • Rank candidates based on language aptitude called in for interviews.
  • Talk to fluent HR specialists for expert advice.
  • Save time and money with an All-In-One solution across multiple languages.

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How Does It Work?

Depending on the role and candidate, we utilise both online testing and video or in-person interviews to accurately establish fluency levels. The process is simple: tell us what you need and we will deal with candidate selection, interview and testing arrangements, scoring, and candidate ranking.

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We speak your language.

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