Psychometric Testing

The Pegaz process is built with organisational psychology in mind. Our appointments succeed because we find that perfect candidate-company fit every time. Specialised psychometric testing tools are a key component to our success, measuring a tailored selection of performance indicators and personality traits. Our unique methods call on our experience in workplace behaviour and productivity, identifying the best-prepared candidates for each specific role.

About Our Tests

Custom Built

Choose vital areas of aptitude and behaviour from a huge range of options and industry-specific assessments.

Character Metrics

We test for team fit, with Occupational Personality Questionnaires and Motivation Reports.


Check candidates Dependability, approach to Safety Instruments, Decision Making process, and more.


  • Find the perfect fit, fast.
  • Narrow candidates before interview or rank them after.
  • Accurately confirm candidate strengths, establishing their cohesion with your team.
  • Discover potential, not just past performance.

How does it work?

We can administer tests for candidates 24/7 and offer both paper, online and assessment centre options. As well as making tests available in any language, we provide unmatched protection against deception.

You will be provided with detailed reports, including analysis and comparison across data sets and individual score sheets. Remember, your Pegaz service will be tailored to you, and our All-In-One Platform offers you the option to get involved at any stage of the process – or leave it up to the experts!

Find the Perfect Candidate-Company Match

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