Skill Assessments

Your role will require specific abilities, strengths, and competencies. By using comprehensive, customised skills assessment tools, Pegaz ensures that there are no nasty surprises! We identify job readiness as a crucial strand of candidate suitability, measuring specific skills against a fine-tuned role profile.

About Our Tests


We can cover anything from writing and vocabulary, to numeracy and typing.


If you work in a specialised industry, we offer advanced testing including programming and tech support.


Soft skill assessment such as presentation techniques and business communications are also available.


  • Accurately predict job performance.
  • Identify the amount, if any, of training required.
  • Confirm candidate strengths, establishing their cohesion with your team.
  • Perfect for situations with limited training opportunities, or quick fulfilment.

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How Does It Work?

We can administer tests for candidates 24/7, offer both paper and online options, make them available in any language, and provide unmatched protection against deception.

You will be provided with detailed reports, including analysis and comparison across data sets and individual score sheets. Remember, your Pegaz service will be tailored to you, and our All-In-One Platform offers you the option to get involved at any stage of the process – or leave it up to the experts!

Tick Every Box

Let Pegaz find and assess your perfect candidates.