Video Interviews

We understand that a one-page CV is never enough to measure someone’s character, talent, and approach to tasks. Our video interviewing tools give you the chance to meet before you hire, so you can find someone who isn’t just qualified for the role – they’re a dream team member.


Live Interviewing

We fit around your schedule, offering both live and pre-recorded interviewing.

Hands-On Approach

The Pegaz experts can undertake all interviewing sessions for your observation, or you can choose a hands-on approach.

Bespoke Experience

Every company and role is different, so our HR Specialists will create a bespoke recruiting experience tailored to you.


  • Meet candidates on your own schedule.
  • Streamline the interviewing process with assistance from your HR Specialist.
  • Find new hires to perfectly fit your ethos and brand.
  • Save thousands of pounds and hours by scoring the ideal team member first time around.

How Does It Work?

Our All-In-One Platform gives you a fully adjustable level of control over your interviewing process. If you’re pushed for time, we can handle it all – from shortlisting, to meeting, to assessing and ranking candidates. If you prefer to manage independently, our platform offers simple timetabling interfaces and a central space to review all aspects of potential profiles.

Your perfect candidate is out there.

Let’s meet them!